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Karolina Głusiec



· IDK 2013 - 2020
· AO
· Sylvan Trail

still | moving / disappearing~  images
this webpage is for most recent and archival works
content updated frequently




IDK 2013 - 2020

Instrument | Fool | Landscape
three animated films on naivety or an imaginary television mixtape radio show from an abandonned planet ︎


Music for Small Electronic Objects, Beats, Tape and Voice
visual equivalent of music composed, performed and released by Emiter︎

Sylvan Trail

Images for music created and improvised upon a meeting of Fred Frith and MÓZG Injectors︎
journal / blog


I decided to launch this webpage so that it represents the content and information in less instant or result-orientated way focusing on  insights and reflections from more archival point of view - a perspective of seeing things from the distance in soft focus. 

So far, I have been using various platforms and using the social media tools to share work in progress and tests or starting points/teasers. I still find it a very useful and powerful way to communicate, however, I’m no longer present on any of them.

Please note that most of the music video works are still available on my vimeo channel. I’m not going to duplicate the content here. To view anything specific that is not available publicly please reach  The archival works and insights will be published here, loosely inspired by the “A track a (day/week/month)” method already used by some of my favourite musicians.

next scheduled animation/film content entries are :

- D6 (2020 Instant Classic/Dym Recordings) - a music promo for    Dynasonic - I hear lines (2019) commissioned by Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC,  Canada -Out of Sight (2014) commisioned by PEER Gallery london / Animate  Projects UK

There will also be more content entries later this year.
Let it go.



Karolina Głusiec, (b.1986, Lublin Poland)  visual artist working mainly across animated and diy film media, inspired by ways of seeing and ways of remembering. Frequent collaborator in projects inspired and rooted in music.

Visiting and faculty member lecturer in drawing and animation examining various ways of image-memorizing and perception. Currently working on a PhD thesis proposal on material and non-material memories in communication.

As a collaborator and visual artist or lecturer worked with or for the following: The Guardian, Azedine Alaia, Stara Rzeka, JAAA!, Royal College of Art, MÓZG Foundation, The House of Words, California Institute of the Arts, University of Arts London, Magdalen College Oxford, Kettle’s Yard Cambridge, TURF’s Projects Gallery, London Sinfonietta, King’s Place London, Instant Classic and Latarnia Records.

Over the last decade actively supporting and contributing to the idea of accessible art as a form of recreation and education by leading and facilitating workshops involving people being marginalized for various reasons.

Works and films have been presented and exhibited in the following : Entropia Gallery (Warsaw, Poland) PEER Gallery (London, UK)  National Gallery (Washington, DC), Grunt Gallery (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Dzyndra Museum (Lviv, Ukraine), Mediations Biennale (Poznan, Poland) and BWA Drewniana ( World / No World).