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An Analog Orchestra /
An Analog Body

In 2019 I was asked to create the visual equivalent of AO - music for small electronic objects, beats, tape and voice - an album by Emiter. The premiere was scheduled for 21.03.2020
 AO are the primary sounds that could represent and communicate everything and nothing at all. I translated them visually into primary shapes - dots and dashes or circles and lines. I was not intending to make any meaning of it although the process of working on it changed my living and perceiving perspective from inside to outside or from the outwards and participating towards the inwards and the isolated. From unison to mono - which made me think of what can be compimentary an essential can be a polar opposite element of the reality that would simply reject or bury it deep underground.

Still images from visual equivalents of AO - music for small electronic objects, beats, voice and tape, originally created to be performed along with the music live.


The collaboration started for me from listening only. Three months straight this was the only thing I was then able to do. The circumnstances and conditions I was living and functioning in sort of preceeded what would have been taking place globally - a pause that for me oriented on the learning of the aspects of the present and the absent that can mean the same though considered polar opposite.
from March 2020 onwards - a shift from living in the body/world of plenty and structure-like connections, focusing on the environment and the surroundings towards the self- reflection and directing into the quiet, safe and minimal but at the same time - empty, almost clinical and isolated living reality where what was used to be hidden, came out to the surface. Primal.