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IDK 2013-2020

Instrument | Fool | Landscape

The Fool: a still frame from the film - Young Hare after Dürer, 2020 

Imagine you can accomplish everything you always dreamed of. What if all that you always dreamed of is... failing. 
I can only speak for myself. Something that I dream of somethimes is the thing I’m afraid of the most. Like dreaming of driving and having the fear that held me againgst doing it for years. 

“The Fool” could be summarized as a film that became a contradiction of what it was meant to be and at the same time everything I always wanted it to be.

The Fool: a still frame from the film - symbol - mountain/mountains

Nothing ever lasts forever,
nothing ever happens twice

What I intended to be a structured narrative became a film in a shape of a lost broadcast.
Each image that I made was a sort of a goodbye to each and every single dream it would resonate with. Dreams of my own and dreams of the others who inspiredd me to chase after.

An encyclopedia of losing or an anatomy of self-sabotage can be at the same time something most beautiful that you want to give to somebody that means a loy to you. At least to me.
What remains the most precious in it is the intention, nevermind the gift.

Destroyed, lost, forgotten, impossible things can be the most treasured ones.
The most treasured ones can be the ones easily skipped when thinking of the essential things. The fundamental things. The elemental.
I am the fool in a game I always dreamed of losing in.