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Sylvan Trail

A still image taken from Sylvan Trail (2020)

Sylvan Trail was performed and improvised for the first and the last time by MÓZG Injectors  featuring Fred Frith in Bydgoszcz on 18th March 2018.

I listened to it for the first time in 2020, from a digital record file on my computer. For the first time ever then I have actually thought of active role of the audience during the live performance -not limiting i† †o music but also visual performative or ephemeral pieces.
No matter what is happenng, it’s happening in the particular “present”, which in this case means the particular “here” and “now”.

Rain-wall, an image from Sylvan Trail, (2020)

I was not “there” when the piece was performed.

The recording wouldn’t have existed if the piece was not performed.

Is it possible to re-enact the reception of the music that I have not encountered? Is it possible to feel as if I was there and make it felt as if heard it for the first time?
Once I thought I live in the times when everything can be made and deleted forever.

Yesterday I talked to somebody about digital documentation or encrypting  the digital unlabelled files such as abandonned usb drives with unnamed folders and placeholders of random data.

As the non-spectacular happening can sometimes steal the show, same the meaningless and freely improvised piece can have no meaning and have millions of meanings at the same time.

Depending who encounters it and what is happening “then”. 

I can tell you how I felt when I heard Sylvan Trail for the first time but you will only imagine how I felt. You will never feel it. Same as I won’t feel like this ever again.

Instead of analyzing what the music content is and what can be, I simply followed it by straight-on editing and animation compositing along with re-listening to the piece as if I was improvising but with the visuals. What is visible is nothing but a mirror-image of the music. A translation of everything that was already there.