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Sylvan Trail ( Part 1 of 4)

A still frame from Sylvan Trail (2020)

Sylvan Trail is an improvised music encounter. A recorded meeting of a musical dialogue that will never take place again and never had taken place before. My role was to listen back to it.

The meeting took place on 29.06.2018 in Bydgoszcz, Poland at MÓZG, which is a place built from scratch and a community and a foundation that for decades has been promoting and supporting music, art and everything in between meaning and resonating with freedom, co-existence and peace.
This is a dialogue without a language between the following musicians:

Fred Frith - guitar and objects
Artur Maćkowiak - guitar
Łukasz Jędrzejczak - electronics and voice
Sławek Janicki - double bass
Mikołaj Zieliński - bass guitar
Qba Janicki - drums and percussions


Images from Sylvan Trail (2020)

I can honestly say that working with music to me has the purifying or even a healing quality of abandonning my ego and turning into an active listener rather than into a visual artist with an ability to create.

It doesn’t mean to give up the ability to create visual work. It’s rather a way to acknowledged that the work has already been done. I therefore become a quiet listener instead of a vocal artist.

My role here is to listen and to underline the qualities in music that make it reachable to ones that yet haven’t listened to it.
I’m happy that I can help those who made this music to pass it on.

Sylvan Trail is an improvised piece that is over 40 minute long. First part of the visual translation of it has been animated in February 2020 and is available to view here. 

Music is already here, no need to interrupt it with an additional story. It has a story of its own, depending of whoever encounters it and under the circumnstances it’s being encountered.

It’s all a chance encounter.

I was not present at the venue where Sylva trail was performed and recorded, therefore, my perception here is similar to a person experiencing a long travel to imaginary places but without moving - as if viewing the road behind the wheel when driving but not moving at all and watching it online, sitting in my bedroom.

Further parts of the visuals for Sylvan Trail will be available in late 2020 ︎︎︎